It's Easy

  • effortlessly search for your property
  • or select it from our map
  • compare with other properties at a glance
  • instantly compile a professional report

It's empowering

  • compare and report properties across New Zealand or in a single area
  • find properties and compare them using your criteria
  • see aerial photography, contours, or sitemaps at a glance
  • title details allows you to check the title before ordering

It's comprehensive

  • high resolution, up-to-date photos
  • order titles and other legal documents
  • council valuation information
  • sales information from Headway and REINZ
  • high quality, clean reports

You save money and time

  • lowest title ordering prices in New Zealand
  • fastest title delivery in New Zealand
  • preview your title before buying
  • quick, responsive and friendly customer support

Prover is New Zealand's property information system providing up-to-date titles, legal documents, aerial photography, property maps, sales history, and more.

Prover comes from the creators of Quickmap, providing New Zealand with comprehensive property information since 1996.