Prover with Sales

The Prover Salesview data provides historic council property sales dating back to 1982, or further for some councils. This sales data includes all types of properties such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farming etc. Current Council district valuation roll (DVR) data is included with properties, whether they sold or not, and each sale includes a snapshot of the DVR record as it existed at the time of sale.

Find comparable sales easily using Prover radius search, or the map view search option. Prover also offers advanced filtering of sales data including:

  • Property metrics like land size, number of bedrooms, wall construction, building age, etc.
  • Council data such as CV, council category, property type, etc.
  • Council sale type (Bona Fine / non Bona Fide, and free access to title information to verify sales)
  • Prover provides commercial, rural and residential sales data, and has the best geospatial-to-sale matching, so you can easily find sales.

Our Sales data is updated on a weekly basis via Headway Systems. Headway Systems obtain their Sales from the Council, and by law the sale must be registered with the Council within 90 days. This effectively means the Headway sales in Prover will be pulled through 3-90 days after the sale.

Watch the video above on how to generate and edit your comparable sales property report.