Survey Mark & Vector Data

Prover now includes Quickmap’s Surveyview Mark and Vector information. This provides you fast access to details on around 60 million observations and 11 million marks throughout New Zealand – an essential data set used by most surveyors who need to know how accurate the boundaries are on the map.
The data is updated monthly, and provides survey
information for every parcel in New Zealand.

Mark information includes:
• Mark Source
• Coordinate System
• Authorative Coordinates
• SDC Status
• Mark Status
• Mark Type
• Mark Name

Perhaps the most important information associated with the mark is its Survey Accurate Digital Cadastre Status (SDC). Surveyview provides an SDC layer which will circle the mark in red if it has achieved SDC status. Where the survey data meets the accuracy, standards required in the Survey Regulations, the marks are assigned SDC status by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).