Prover For Lawyers

Prover is ideal for Lawyers – saving time and money.

  • Quickly assemble Owner Property Portfolio reports
  • Get what you want with free title previews and fast document ordering
  • Simply find and fact check property and sale details
  • Map centric timely data direct from the authorities saves you time and money

Owner Property Portfolio Reports

Prover allows you to enter the name of a person or company and see a list of all the properties owned by that entity. Within 2 clicks of the mouse, you can generate an Owner Property Portfolio report.

Free Title Previews

Whilst you can order legal documents through Prover at a really cheap rate (prices start from $5.50 a document), Prover has an even cheaper preview of Certificate of Title data – it’s free.

Also, while our document ordering typically delivers LINZ documents within 30 minutes, you can view free title data straight away. This means that you can quickly get the information you want at your fingertips.

Property and Sales Data

Prover is packed full of useful property data and council sales data. With Prover you can easily find and pull up data on a property, such as:

  • Council data (Valuation References, Category and Zone information, Land Use, Building Age, Capital Value, Land Value, Legal Description, etc.)
  • Council Sales data
  • LINZ data (Parcel details, Easements, Statutes, Certificate of Title Number, Legal Description, etc.)

This can be used to fact check the validity of data. For example, Prover can show you if the legal description from the LINZ Title data matches the Council’s legal description, a discrepancy which may indicate that one party may have the incorrect owner / address or other data assigned to a property.

Map View

Prover also offers high resolution aerial photos and a standard map view that you can use to search and view information on, such as:

  • Easements that aren’t listed on the Certificate of Title
  • Parcel data (Legal Boundaries, Statutes, Titles and Valuation References on a parcel, etc.)
  • Sales data
  • Ownership data

Prover’s maps are fast, so you can quickly get the data you need.

Prover is created by Custom Software using Headway Systems data, both of which have been delivering market leading property software for over 20 years.

Prover is a name you can trust.

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