Prover Features

Prover is a web solution that gives you fast, inexpensive, simple access to property data. A lot of property data, some of which can’t be found anywhere else. Here’s a sample of some of the features of Prover:

  • View easements on map that are compiled from LINZ data. Data on easements that aren’t even available in title docs, such as pipeline easements. These easements are displayed on a map that takes seconds to load, so you can view these easements quickly and easily.
  • View parcel information, such as statutes / parcel intent, titles, valuation references and addresses listed on a parcel, boundaries, area’s
  • Council sales data, with radius search and map view search options, so you can find sales data around a specific property. You can also use a large range of filters to search for properties or sales data
  • Property information, such as council data from sales and rates databases (so you can compare). This includes but is not limited to CV, floor area, land area, building age, beds & bathrooms data, land use, category and zoning information.
  • The same data is available from multiple sources such as LINZ, Council Sales and Council Rating databases, so you can fact check information provided from different sources.
  • School zone data
  • Free Title preview so you can quickly see Certificate of Title data without having to order the title.
  • Cheap title ordering (prices start from $7.90+GST)
  • High resolution aerial photography with orthorectified data overlayed (such as boundaries)
  • Lots of search options to make finding properties easy – searching by owner, address, valuation reference, legal description, map search, street search, etc.
  • Generate beautiful custom tailored reports containing the data you choose.

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