Prover Pricing

Prover is charged per user on an annual subscription basis.

There are two options with Prover:

  • Prover with Sales
  • Prover without Sales

Both are fully featured versions of Prover, the only difference being whether you need sales data or not. The price of Prover depends on the number of people in your office, so please call us on 0800 145 554 for a quote and a free trial.

Prover also gives you the option to order documents (Certificate of Title, Instruments, etc.) from LINZ via our document ordering portal. While it’s free to view the title data, if you choose to order a document from LINZ there is a small charge. Document ordering prices are listed below.

Document Ordering

Survey Plans

97% of pre-300,000 series Survey Plans and around 20% of post-300,000 series Survey Plans are free for download.
All other survey plans are $7.90 each.

Other Documents

The below pricing covers other types of document that can be ordered from LINZ’s Land OnLine system via Prover, which includes Certificate of Title, Instruments, Historic Titles, Guaranteed Search Titles, etc. If you wish order a document that is not available from LINZ’s electronic document store, you can request this directly from LINZ (we will provide you with the forms to fill in), or we can order this for you at a $20 charge. All other documents are charged at the below rates.

For customers wanting to buy documents on a prepay basis, you can top up your Prover document ordering account via a credit card and buy documents without any monthly commitment for $7.90. Alternatively, if you would prefer to be invoiced at the end of the month for your document ordering, and are willing to commit to a minimum number of document purchases each month, you can gain access to our corporate pricing:

Corporate 50: Minimum purchase of 7 documents per month, documents are charged at $7.90 each.
Corporate 150: Minimum purchase of 24 documents per month, documents are charged at $6.50 each.
Corporate 500: Minimum purchase of 91 documents per month, documents are charged at $5.50 each.

You must commit to a specific corporate plan to gain access to the discounted pricing and invoicing system for that plan.

❗ Note: All prices listed exclude GST.